In 2017 a fact finding mission was carried out by Dialogos and Appelglobal where a number of possible small-scale gold mining sites were investigated in order to select the best site for introducing mercury-free gold extraction (see fact finding report)

Subsequently a group of actors: Dialogos, Appelglobal and Benguet Federation of small-scale miners and aLocal partnerNAPE. The project was awarded funding for a three year project:


Mercury-free gold mining in Uganda 2018-2021

General Objective is to stop mercury pollution from small scale gold mining by technical training of miners and strengthening of the civil society.

The specific objectivesare that:

  1.   Miners in the project area, both men and women, will learn about the dangers of mercury to health and environment, be trained and convert to mercury-free gold extraction methods.
  2.   Civil society stakeholders, particularly healthcare workers, women, children, youths, landowners, and politicians will learn about the dangers of mercury to health and environment, and get empowered to support the miners in their transition to mercury-free mining techniques.  The small scale gold miners in Uganda will be organised to better work for better rights and working conditioned
  3.   NAPE will be capacitated to sustain the development and future projects

First field mission will be carried out in the autumn of 2018.


Fact finding mission Uganda March 2017

Throughout Uganda are numerous small-scale gold mining sites where thousands of miners use mercury every day to recover the yellow metal. This impose a heavy burden on the environment of Uganda and on the health of the Ugandan population. Funding has fortunately been obtained from Dialogos to introduce mercury-free gold extraction (Ref 1) on some of the Ugandan small-scale mining sites. The project described below is a fact finding mission where selected small-scale gold mining sites were visited in order to determine which sites will be the best choice for demonstrating mercury-free gold extraction by a group of small-scale miners from Philippines and for the Philippine miners to train local miners as trainers for further spreading of the mercury-free gold extraction technique. The fact finding mission also outline which equipment has to be constructed/purchased in order to make the demonstrations of mercury-free gold extraction. During the brief survey of mining and processing sites it was observed that the procedures of extracting gold used by the Ugandan small-scale mines and processors are not sufficiently efficient. Minor changes in procedures will be able to increase gold recovery considerably.


Participants in field work

Peter W. U. Appel, Appelglobal

Massy-Moses Kasule, PHE and New Horizon Project Uganda National Association of Community and Occupational Health (UNACOH)

Kamese N. Geoffrey, National Association of Professional Environmentalists.

Fact finding March 2017