In 2013 AppelGlobal carried out a fact finding mission in cooperation with Ensome Nicaragua.

The aim was to determine whether the different types of gold ores exploited by small-scale gold miners were amenable to mercury-free gold extraction. The answer was yes all ore found are amenable to that gold extraction method. The mission also focused on getting a good knowledge of the processing methods for gold extraction carried out in Nicaragua.

Of widespread use is a whole ore amalgamation where the milling method is setup with four big boulders gradually grind the ore down when they are slowly moved around in a shallow hole dug in the ground. The hole is coated with tiles or rock slabs. During the grinding process which takes 24 hours mercury is occasionally added. After milling the mercury is collected from in between the tiles. This is a very time consuming job. The method is highly inefficient and causes significant extensive of mercury pollution and massive loss of gold.

The mission included a presentation of the mercury-free gold extraction method at the Ministry of Mines.