COWI is an international consultant group with more than 6,200 employees offering independent multidisciplinary consulting services to public and private customers throughout the world. COWI has a unique insight in the mercury issue in a global context. COWI has worked for more than two decades with mercury’s use in society, the management of mercury waste, and environmental and health assessments of mercury for the UNEP, UNDP, UNIDO, the OECD, the EU, the Arctic Council, the Nordic Council of Ministers and several national governments. COWI has for UNEP Chemicals prepared the toolkit for national mercury inventories and trained more than 30 countries in the use of the toolkit. Furthermore, COWI’s office in Tanzania has extensive in-field experience with artisanal small-scale mining, including small-scale gold mining using mercury.

Danish Technical University

Department of Metallurgy plays a significant role in the programme of cleaning mercury polluted tailings from Small-scale gold mining.


Danish NGO working on projects in Bolivia, Mozambique, Nepal, Uganda and Philippines with focus on health issues.

Elplatek A/S, Denmark

Elplatek offers advanced galvanic coating as a supplier to the telecom, medical and electronics industries. We also work with several tasks in the new energy. We have several fully automatic – and manual systems for surface treatment of subjects with difficult geometries. Elplatek Facilities include trading and advisory department under the name GalvaNord

Emerald Small Scale Multi Purpose Cooperative

Is a Cooperative that is Capitalized, Owned, Operated and Patronized by its small scale miner members. It envisions being global model by invoking sustainable and responsible small scale mining practices. It is working in partnerships with Government, Non-Government Organizations, Academe and other agencies for the advancement of small scale miners. Registered under the Cooperative Development Authority under (CDA Reg. No. 950-15019642) with principal office at No 7002, Barangay Kias, Baguio City and Telephone No (074)422-2399.

Ensome Nicaragua

Ensome is a Nicaraguan-based consulting firm established in 2009 by leading Nicaraguan, US, Spanish and Scandinavian multidisciplinary professionals. Since then, Ensome has complied experiences, new knowledge and new associates from our work in over 90 countries. This provides our client- and government-partners with a broad-based platform that can deliver context specific social and economic alternatives to help them achieve their development goals. But we also believe that it is of the highest importance to transfer this knowledge to the most vulnerable members of our society and help them build the kind of resilience they require to dealt with climate change, pollution and biodiversity losses and turn negative situations into opportunities in their own back yards. Whether it involve guiding them toward creating more integrated, effective and equitable use of coastal-marine ecosystems, rainforests or water recharge landscapes, we believe that it is this kind of innovation that will prepare them for the unpredictable future that awaits us all.

Munich groupMunich group PD Dr. med. Stephan Bose-O’ReillyWorkgroup leader Paediatric Environmental EpidemiologyUniversity Hospital MunichInstitute and Outpatient Clinic for Occupational, Social and Environmental MedicineWHO Collaborating Centre for Occupational Health Ziemssenstr. 1D-80336 Munich, GermanyStephan.Boeseoreilly@med.uni-muenchen.deFon: ++49-89-440057687Fax: ++49-89-44005-4444Internet:

Oro Industries, California, USA

Oro Industries Ltda. Was founded by Paul Clift. Oro Industries has reintroduced the Helix Spiral and other specialized gold recovery equipment for international sales and distribution. The Helix spiral is currently being sold in parts of Central and South America and Asia from our Costa Rica operation and is now being offered in the US and Canada based out of Yuba County California.

Pure Earth/Blacksmith

Pure Earth, formerly known as the Blacksmith Institute, is a leader in global toxic pollution cleanup. Since its inception in 1999, Pure Earth has completed 80 environmental remediation projects in 20 countries, improving the lives of millions of people, especially children, who are most at risk from the threat of toxic pollution. Based in New York, Pure Earth works cooperatively around the world in partnerships that include governments, the international community, NGOs and local agencies, to design and implement innovative, low-cost solutions to save lives. In 2008, Pure Earth began efforts to create a global alliance to support the cleanup and elimination of legacy pollution in the developing world. The Global Alliance on Health and Pollution (GAHP) was formed in 2011 with Pure Earth serving as Secretariat.  The GAHP is the first effort of its kind dedicated to addressing the threat of toxic pollution on a global scale.

Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)

In 2016 GEUS analysed some samples collected as part of a cleaning programme of mercury-polluted tailings

Geologial Institute, University of Copenhagen.

Geological Institute analysed a number of samples collects as part of the cleaning of mercury polluted tailings programme.

Recursos Encinal S.A., Managua, Nicaragua

An international private company with Swiss, American and Canadian management that provides chemical-free solutions for Gold Mining. Encinal Resources S.A. is a Nicaraguan private company with American and Canadian senior management that is constructing a processing facility to extract gold and silver from small volume, high-grade vein ores in the area. It was founded by Bill  Dumont, a visionary entrepreneur, who was looking for ways to eliminate mercury use in mining and to also find green solutions for the mining industry while looking to exploit the value added steps in mining that create value within an integrated operational, structural, and financial framework designed purely on risk mitigation for everyone involved. Operationally, Encinal will purchase broken gold and silver-bearing ore from small miners, who will deliver it to the Encinal process site; Encinal may also purchase tailing from small processors, with high contents of gold, silver, and mercury by virtue of the way processing is done. Call: 22707665.