Curriculum Vitae

Peter W. U. Appel Economic geologist
12 May 1941 in Indonesia Danish
Ph. D.
Senior Research Scientist

Working responsibilities during the last five years

Working on mitigating global mercury pollution caused by small-scale gold mining in SE Asia, Africa and Central- and South America

1979-1981 Senior research fellow at University of Copenhagen. Research on metallogeny of early Archaean greenstone belts in Greenland.

1976-1979 Research fellow at Max-Planck- Institute of Chemistry, Mainz, Germany. Research on early Archaean greenstone belts with special emphasis on isotope geochemistry of chemical sediments.

1975 Worked with UNDP in Lesotho on an explo- ration programme for kimberlites.

1969-1974 Worked with Renzy Mines Ltd. Canada and Nordic Mining Company A/S with mineral exploration in Greenland.

Other employment and working assignments

2017 Mercury pollution and occupational health in a small scale gold mining community in Mozambique. Medicus Mundi, Spain and Dialogos Denmark

2017 Build capacity on mercury-free gold mining among selected ASGMs and the partner organisations, and document the use of mercury in ASGM in Uganda. Dialogos and Uganda National Asso- ciation of Community and Occupational Health (UNACOH)

2016 Community-driven Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining (ASGM). Remediation Planning in Peru. for US Department of State via Blacksmith (Pure Earth).

2016 Promoting mercury-free gold extraction methods in Sudan including demonstration of mercury-free processing plant.

2015 Fact finding mission in Suriname and Zimbabwe for initiating GEF funded projects

Key qualifications

More than 25 years of experience in Mineral resources assessment, including mineral exploration in Greenland, Bolivia, Laos, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Zambia, Nigeria and Yemen.

More than 15 years’ experience in small-scale mining issues comprising environmental and health problems, focussing on teaching and train- ing miners replacing gold extraction using mercury with mercury-free gold extraction methods in Bo- livia, Ethiopia, Guyana, Indonesia, Kyrgyz Republic, Mali, Mongolia, Nigeria, Philippines, Sudan, Suriname, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Has promoted the mineral resource potential on the international scene for Laos, Yemen, Bolivia, Ethiopia and Greenland.

Written handbooks for staff of Environmental Council of Zambia, Ministry of Mines in Nigeria and Ethiopia dealing with environmental and health issues related to small-scale mining.

Employment records and major working assignments
1981- Senior Research Scientist. Affiliated with Department of Petrology and Ore Geology, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland. Main


2015-2017 Technical upgrading a remediation system (Peter Plates) for cleaning mercury polluted tailings from small-scale gold mining in Nicaragua. Funded by Danish Ministry of Environment carried out in cooperation with Elplatek, Denmark, Danish Technical University and Oro Industries, California, USA.

2013-2014 Producing a documentary to DR and other Scandinavian TV channels. Global mercury pollution what are the effects and how can we mitigate them, together with Heinemann Media and Alpha film.

2013-14 Teaching miners in mercury-free gold extraction using borax and test mineralogy of the gold ores In Bolivia for EU and Danish Embassy in La Paz and in Ethiopia financed by the Danish Embassy in Addis Ababa

2013-2014.Teaching miners in Indonesia in using non-toxic borax for gold extraction. For Global Alliance on Health and Pollution

2013-2014. Produced a Handbook and training courses for the Ministry of Mines in Ethiopia on environmental hazards caused by small-scale mining.

2011-2016 Reducing mercury pollution in small scale gold mining – Philippines. Joint project with Dialogos, Bantox Manila and Department of Health, Philippines.

2010-2011 Developed a mercury remediation system for cleaning mercury polluted tailings. Joint project with Japan Atomic Energy Agency and Emerald Mountain, Philippines

2010-2011 Support to attract private investment to the mining sector of Ethiopia. For IFC.

2010-2011. Produced a Handbook and training courses for the Ministry of Environment in Nigeria on environmental hazards caused by small-scale mining. For World Bank.

2010-2011. Certification of sustainable small-scale production of gemstones in Tanzania. For Geocenter Denmark

2009 – 2011. Philippines. Teaching small-scale miners in using non toxic borax instead of mercury during gold extraction. For Philex Mining Ltd. and GEUS

2009 – 2010. Tanzania. Investigating the possibil- ity of replacing the highly toxic mercury with non- toxic borax in gold extraction by small-scale miners. For Geocenter Denmark

2009 Consultant to National Environment Management Council of Tanzania on: Enhancing Environmental Quality through Improved Gold Recov- ery in Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mines in Tanzania. Recommendations and input to Plan of Action for Belgian Technical Corporation

2009 Consultant to the Danish Embassy in Bolivia on: Identification of the opportunities of promoting the mineral resources of Bolivia
2009 Conducted an information campaign in Tanzania: Use of soaps containing mercury in Africa – how to fight it? Funded by the Danish Embassy in Dar es Salaam.

2007-2008 Consultant to UNDP for Environmental Council of Zambia (ECZ). Produced a Handbook and training courses for ECZ personnel on envi- ronmental hazards caused by small-scale mining activities.

2008 Socio-economic conflicts between small- scale miners and large scale mining companies in Tanzania. For Geocenter Denmark.

2008 Training courses for small-scale gold miners in reducing use of mercury in gold extraction in the Philippines, for Geocenter Denmark.

2008-2009 Support to attract private investment to the mining sector of Yemen. For World Bank.

2007-2008 Socio-economic and environmental problems caused by small-scale gold mining in Tanzania. For Geocenter Denmark.

2007-2008 Conducted an information campaign in Uganda: Use of soaps containing mercury in Africa – how to fight it? For Nordic Council of Ministers

2007 Consultant to World Bank on a project in the Philippines on teaching and training of small-scale miners and medical doctors in safe handling of mercury

2004 Consultant to World Bank in a small-scale mining survey in Mongolia and a project entitled: Strengthening of Management Capabilities in De- partment of Geology and Mines of Lao PDR.

2003 Consultant to World Bank in a baseline survey of small-scale mining in Kyrgyz Republic and in a Sources of Growth study of Lao PDR.

Produced an educational video on the mercury- free gold extraction process together with Heinemann Media, Denmark: The video is on youtube in English, Spanish, French and Indonesian, Autumn 2016 the English video had more than 500.000 hits