In 2017 a fact finding mission was carried out by Dialogos and Appelglobal where a number of possible small-scale gold mining sites were investigated in order to select the best site for introducing mercury-free gold extraction (see fact finding report)

Subsequently a group of actors: Dialogos, Appelglobal and Benguet Federation of small-scale miners and aLocal partnerNAPE. The project was awarded funding for a three year project:


Mercury-free gold mining in Uganda 2018-2021

General Objective is to stop mercury pollution from small scale gold mining by technical training of miners and strengthening of the civil society.

The specific objectives are that:

  1.   Miners in the project area, both men and women, will learn about the dangers of mercury to health and environment, be trained and convert to mercury-free gold extraction methods.
  2.   Civil society stakeholders, particularly healthcare workers, women, children, youths, landowners, and politicians will learn about the dangers of mercury to health and environment, and get empowered to support the miners in their transition to mercury-free mining techniques.  The small scale gold miners in Uganda will be organised to better work for better rights and working conditioned
  3.   NAPE will be capacitated to sustain the development and future projects


Uganda January 2019.

Mercury-free gold extraction for small-scale gold miners.

Teaching and educating small-scale gold miners to train their fellow miners to extract gold using mercury-free technique. The project was carried out with the Danish NGO Dialogos and the Ugandan NGO NAPE.

Two processing stations were built at two different sites in Tiira and Buhweju. All together well over 30 miners were educated to act as trainers.











Final step in education was a comparison between mercury-free gold extraction and amalgamation method.

About 100 kg of ore was dry milled. Then carefully split in two equal lots. One lot was processed using mercury (amalgam) and the other lot was processed mercury-free.

Result: Processing mercury-free took 10% longer time but recovered 40% more gold!